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My names David Stall I am a student at John Moores Uni in Liverpool, UK. I decided to make a website on paralegals which covers training, qualifications and the like. I am currently studying to become a paralegal in the UK and have carried out a great deal of research to benefit others who are looking for a career in law.

I will be updating my blog daily so you can follow me on this journey of education and I welcome your feedback and any questions which I will reply to as son as possible.


Accredited Paralegal Schools

Accredited Paralegal Schools
Below is a list of paralegal schools in the UK who are accredited. If you need help please contact me.
1. Institute of Paralegals.
Officially the IOP are the longest running professional incorporated bodies in the UK today.With many years experience and with many students trained, the goal of the IOP is to get recognition for paralegals as a profession. The IOP are a not-for-profit company with a proud history and they work with the UK government and in the legal profession itself.
Tel: 020 7099 9122 for initial inquiries and guidance.
some more accredited paralegal schools
2. OTC: Online Training Center
Established since 1988 they provide English Law Courses throughout the UK, the Commonwealth & the rest
of the world. Tel: 0207 558 8262
3. Bromley College : Tel: 0208 295 7001
4. ILEX – Institute of Legal Executives – Tel : 01234 841000

A Career in Criminal Law

A Career in Criminal Law

A career in criminal law is probably the most worthwhile profession of them all. It assuredly warrants the person to feel as if they are making a difference in the world, in both prosecuting those that are in the wrong and protecting those who are in the most need. It’s very important that our streets are clean, and without the people who practice and execute criminal law – this can’t happen. Paralegals are assuredly a great help in criminal law, and the need for these people have been rising exponentially in the past few decades. It’s that reason that so many people are looking to a paralegal career, as they assuredly want to make a difference in the world, as well as the opportunity for advancement, and that’s something that the person in any industry is one the lookout for. A Career in Criminal Law.

The paralegal in the criminal law landscape is pretty invaluable, especially considering the different agencies that need paralegals. In many major cities in the UK, there’s sufficient need for paralegals, and there’s the chance for anyone licensed to procure one of these jobs, granted that they are willing to look. In most cases, there are no bounds, as various courts, tribunal staff offices, and local authorities that may need some help with their caseloads, and they are easily allocated to qualified paralegals. What’s great about the opportunities in the United Kingdom and a career in criminal law, would have to be the opportunity for paralegals to further themselves into positions, such as a lawyer or even a judge in the criminal sector of law.A Career in

A Career in Criminal Law

Of all of the benefits of being a paralegal, there are none that are greater than the possibilities of being staffed at a facility where criminal law is practiced, as they may be the most prevalent and fulfilling opportunities available.